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$895 for non-members

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Presentation Descriptions:

A Self-Test: Assessing Your Own Marketing Effectiveness

This interactive opening session will help you answer the following questions – How effective are your current marketing tactics? Are you spending too much or not enough on marketing? Are your marketing efforts hitting the right channels?


St. Louis Cardinals Presentation

Marketing strategies are key to any company and it can often be trial and error to find what works for your specific audience. Hear from Martin Coco, Director of Ticket Sales & Marketing for the St. Louis Cardinals, as he addresses how and why you should pick a specific audience, shares examples of marketing experiments that have both worked and failed and talks about the most successful marketing strategies he has seen utilized.


Member Panel: Best Practices for Sales, Marketing and Diversification

This is your chance to hear from your peers and fellow NTMA members! Learn about how they sell, what sales and marketing strategies work really well for them and what their most effective marketing techniques are.


How to Differentiate Against Your Competitors

Are you considering a new website or marketing technique that you hope will make you stand out from your competitors? This session will help you analyze how you should implement that new idea or tactic to get the most bang for your buck.


The Decision to Waste Money on Marketing

Join Joe Sullivan, Thinker and Founder of Gorilla 76, for a discussion covering questions such as - How much should you spend on marketing? Are your marketing expenses being paid back? 


Panel Discussion: Growth Behaviors of Top Shops

Top Shops is a benchmarking program that uses data from surveys completed by machine shops of all sizes to identify optimal shop floor practices as well as operational metrics that define world-class competitiveness. This session will give you the opportunity to hear from some of those Top Shops award winners on how they sell, their company best practices and what sales and marketing strategies work for them.


Sales & Marketing Decisions to Make Based on Economic Updates

Michael Guckes, Chief Economist for Gardner Business Media, will address the sales and marketing decisions you should make based on the current economic situation and also how economic trends create actionable insight for you and your company.


Methods of Using Sales Channels

This session will explore the various ways to get your products and services to market through both direct and indirect channels.


Social Media and It’s Use – Types of MARCOM, What Works Today and How to Craft Your Message

This session will focus on messaging and how to format your message so that it gets the most attention from both your customers and competitors. Learn about the different ways to spin your message and what key points you should make in any marketing message.


Speakers include:

- Ed Hinders, Vice President, CBIZ
- Michael Guckes, Chief Economist, Gardner Business Media
- Caitlin Andrews, Partner - Policy Resolution Group, Bracewell
- Martin Coco, Director of Ticket Sales & Marketing, St. Louis Cardinals
- Pat Klein, VP of Sales, LMC Workholding
- Joe Sullivan, Thinker & Founder, Gorilla 76
- Dan Bagley, Strategist, NTMA 

Hotel Information:

A room block is available at the Westin St. Louis and the room rate is only $169 plus tax per night. Reservations can be made by contacting Brittany Belko at bbelko@ntma.org.