Cloud-based Microsoft® Communication and Collaboration Services

Enhance productivity and stay connected with your customers with hosted Microsoft communication and collaboration Services from Apptix.



  • Microsoft Exchange Email with Mobility

    Proven Microsoft email capabilities (shared contacts, calendars, distribution lists, etc.)

    Mobile email on iPhone®/iPad®, BlackBerry®, Android®, or Windows® Mobile devices

    Premium anti-virus/spam included

  • Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration

    Enterprise-class content and collaboration platform

    A single platform for document management and sharing

    Familiar, easy-to-use interface

  • Microsoft Web Conferencing

    Deliver online, real-time presentation

    Multi-party video and audio over existing broadband connection

    Unlimited meetings with up to 1,000 attendees per meeting

  • Microsoft Instant Messaging

    Secure business-class chat

    Native integration with Microsoft Outlook®



Hosted Exchange coupled with Microsoft Outlook is a cost-effective way to provide business-class email – for your local and remote employees. You run the show – from adding and deleting users to archiving and enabling BlackBerry, Android and iPhone service – via a Web-based management console that’s easy to use, providing the flexibility needed to change as your business evolves.

Features Include

  • Advanced Email

    Rich Outlook communication and collaboration features powered by Exchange.
  • Shared Calendars & Scheduling

    Individual, group, and resource calendaring and availability tracking features integrated with email, contacts, and tasks for enhanced collaboration
  • Contact Management

    Quickly access/add/edit contacts or groups, assign tasks, and create a list of shared contacts, distribution groups, or folders.
  • Reliability & Security

    Advanced network infrastructure built upon best-in-class hardware and software with clustering and redundancy across data centers.
  • Spam & Virus Protection

    Advanced multi-layerd spam blocking, superior virus and malware scanning, and inbound/outbound content & email attachments filtering.
  • Industry-Leading Support

    24/7 live, U.S.-based customer support backed by an industry-leading uptime 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Email Encryption, Compliance, & Archiving

    Secure end-to-end email transmission as well as retention, eDiscovery, and unlimited storage for legal hold and search to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Available On The Go

    Available virtually anywhere, anytime, on any device including PC or Mac®, web browser, or mobile device including Blackberry®, Android®, iPhone®, and iPad®.

Save money while increasing employee productivity and business efficiency with hosted Exchange and Outlook® – tools that help to improve the way you work and communicate.

Benefits Include

Enhanced Productivity & Mobility

Solve business challenges and get more done – in the office or on the go. Access email, contacts, calendar, and business information anytime from your PC or Mac®, remotely via the Web, or on your mobile device.

Reduced Costs & Complexity

Reduce or eliminate hardware, software, and personnel costs by selecting hosted Exchange for a predictable monthly fee and without the burden of managing and maintaining an on-site IT infrastructure.

Improved Teamwork & Collaboration

Share ideas and information and collaborate on group projects more effectively with shared contacts and group calendars and the ability to rapidly and securely exchange information, ideas, and documents with dispersed employees, partners, or customers.

Simplify IT Security & Reliability

Get professional management, scheduled data backups, best-in-class software, hardware, and data centers, a financially backed service level agreement (SLA), and 24/7 customer support.


  • If I switch to Hosted Exchange from an in house email server, can I still maintain control of the settings and mailboxes?

    Our service enables you to maintain control of your email solution without the headache of maintaining the server. The control panel allows an administrator to turn mailboxes on and off, set permissions, set passwords, create distribution lists, create and manage email rules, and set mailbox size and limits. These features, as well as many others, enable an IT administrator to maintain complete control of their email solution.

  • I’m currently using Microsoft Outlook® with a POP3 or basic webmail account. Why would I want to upgrade to Hosted Exchange?

    Outlook connected to a POP3 or webmail email account enables each user to manage their personal information (contacts, calendars, folders, documents etc.), but does not allow you to share it with anyone. With Hosted Exchange, this information can be shared among your business, making you faster at responding to requests, helping you quickly find files and emails, and taking the headache out of communicating with your employees, clients, and vendors. It also enables every user to access their information from any internet connection, keeping you connected and in sync wherever you go.

  • What type of calendaring is available in Hosted Exchange?

    Hosted Exchange offers the full functionality of Exchange and Outlook. The main calendaring features include creating appointments and events, organizing meetings, viewing group schedules, viewing other colleagues calendars side by side and overlaid, linking calendars to a SharePoint site, sending calendars through email, publishing calendars online, and managing other users calendars through delegated access. Hosted Exchange offers a complete solution for all your organization’s scheduling and calendaring needs.

  • My Company has third party software that plugs into Outlook. Will the Hosted Exchange service integrate with that software?

    If your software works with Outlook today it should work with Hosted Exchange.


  • Can I sync my information with my mobile phone?

    Hosted Exchange offers real time sync on any Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and many other types of mobile devices, with more being added all the time. All of your important information is easily accessible from any internet connection or from any internet enabled mobile device.

  • Will Hosted Exchange work on my Blackberry?

    Hosted Exchange is compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for an additional price. With BES all of your email and information is synchronized in real time.


  • Will Hosted Exchange work on my Mac or other Apple® devices?

    Outlook 2011 for Mac integrates seamlessly with Hosted Exchange and offers all the productivity gains of Exchange. Hosted Exchange syncs seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad devices.


  • Where is my information (Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents) stored?

    Your information and email is stored in Top Tier Secure Data Centers across the country. Your Data is backed up regularly. If you accidently delete an item, the item can be retrieved … even up to 30 days after it was deleted.

  • Does Hosted Exchange come with Anti-Spam/ Anti-virus protection?

    Premium email security is included providing a perimeter scan of all incoming and outgoing email to protect against spam and viruses.


  • Do I have full support of my email service?

    Hosted Exchange is fully supported 24x7x365 by Microsoft trained professionals by Phone, Email, or online resources.

  • Do you have someone to walk me through the process of upgrading to Hosted Exchange?

    We have a team of Microsoft trained support representatives to guide you through the process of upgrading to Hosted Exchange and can get you up and running quickly.

  • If I want to migrate myself, can I contact support if I run into an issue while upgrading to Hosted Exchange?

    We have a team of Microsoft trained support representatives that administrators can call at any time for help with upgrading to Hosted Exchange. They can answer questions, give you migration tools, or even walk through the rest of the process with you in case you get stuck.


  • Do I have to move my existing domain?

    We do not require that you host your domain with us. You can choose to continue using your current domain, use a sub domain we provide you, or we can establish a domain for you.

  • Can I use my current Email address with Hosted Exchange?

    Yes, Hosted Exchange enables you to send and receive email with your current email address.

  • How long does it take to get up and running?

    Following the recommended steps, the average user can activate and be using the service in under an hour. It may take a little longer for a complete data migration to occur, depending on how much data there is to migrate.

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Microsoft® Communication and Collaboration Services

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